Datuk Haji Borhan Mohd. Yaman (BURMY) Datuk Haji Borhan Mohd. Yaman (BURMY)

  Datuk Hj. Borhan Mohd. Yaman (Burmy) is known as a politician since the days of Tunku Abdul Rahman was the President of UMNO (1951-1971). In Malacca, he was an active member of UMNO, together with Encik Abdul Ghafar Baba, the Malacca Chief Minister at that time. During the period, BURMY was the Secretary (1958 and 1960-1961) and the Malacca Umno Youth chief from 1959 to 1969.

 BURMY worked as a Malay teacher and received permission to be involved in politics from the Malacca State Education Department. Among his interests are reading and writing in newspapers and magazines. In addition, he became a representative of Merdeka newspaper in the state of Malacca. As a young boy who loves his race, religion and homeland, BURMY was deeply concerned of the political unrest in Malaya. Since the 1940's, he was interested in reading news and books relating to Malayan politics and foreign countries, especially Indonesia.

  In addition of being a member of Malacca UMNO branch in 1951, BURMY was also engaged in the writing field. He frequently wrote in Teacher's Magazine and Merdeka newspaper. However, he is known as a writer of articles and poems with a nationalistic theme. At this point, BURMY combined the political activities within the writing field towards his cause in his struggles in the interests of race, religion and the homeland. BURMY who was born in Kg. Lubok Redan, Kuala Sungai Baru on 7 April 1929 played an important role in bringing young people to be the members of UMNO. His passion for the love of his race, religion, and independence of the state was proven when he first joined UMNO in 1951. At that point in time he was 22 years old. As a member with calibre, BURMY was appointed a Malacca UMNO Youth Wing Committee member. Subsequently, in 1954 he was selected to be the Assistant Secretary of the Malacca UMNO Youth Wing.

  BURMY's political star began to shine when he was elected a member of the Malacca UMNO Committee Member in 1955. His ability and tendency towards politics enabled his appointment as the Malacca UMNO Secretary from 1 April 1958 until 1 January, 1959. And in 1959, BURMY was elected the Malacca UMNO Youth Wing Chief until 1969. In addition, he was elected a Committee Member of UMNO Malaya in 1961-1971 and the Malacca UMNO Secretary (1960-1961).

While active in politics (1955-1971), BURMY never forgot to champion matters related to the importance of race, religion and country. As a member of the Lembaga Kemajuan Bahasa Kebangsaan LKBK) under the purview of the Melaka City Council in 1962 (representing UMNO), BURMY played an important role for changing street names by localising them and making them more nationalistic. Among his proposed changes were ' Wolforstan Road 'to' Jalan Bendahara',' Main Road 'and' Eastern Road 'to' Jalan Temenggong ',' Buona Vista Road 'to' Jalan Hang Tuah',' First Street 'to' Jalan Hang Jebat ', Second Cross Street' to 'Jalan Hang Kasturi', 'Third Cross Road' to 'Jalan Hang Lekir' and 'Fourth Cross Street' to 'Jalan Hang Lekiu.

While becoming the Chairman of LKBM, BURMY made calls to all the representatives of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Chettiar Chamber of Commerce and Malacca Chamber of Commerce to change the signboard writings of their business premises to the national language (Malay). This is obvious when he asserted in a meeting that "Members of the business community are supposed to show their allegiance to this country through the use of the National language, particularly in the 'National Language Month' which was launched at that time (Berita Harian Release 27/2/1963)

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