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Assalamualaikum, salam sejahtera and salam 1Malaysia.

As an agency that functions as the repository of government data, information and records, the National Archives of Malaysia is responsible for compiling, preserving and providing public records of various types and forms for the reference of  researchers and the general public. In tandem with the current technological developments and environment and the Government Transformation Policy,we are resolved and determined  to foster widespread awareness in all aspects among the citizens, thus enhancing the generation and development of outstanding human capital through the dissemination of information that transcends time and space.

It is hoped that this portal will serve as a medium for the sharing of historical information about the country which is stored in the National Archives of Malaysia for access by the general public. In order to fulfill the pervasive and expeditious needs of the society the National Archives of Malaysia is in the midst of digitalising materials in the Department's collection. This is to enable on-line access to the material while the original materials will remain to be preserved for future generations.

The content of this portal will be updated from time to time to ensure that it serves as an informative portal which enables the stimulation of minds. It is hoped that such virtual information sharing is able to produce a society that is not only intellectual but also well-versed  and literate in the country's history.  History needs to be internalised together in order for Malaysian citizens to be united under the 1Malaysia flagship.

I hereby extend my appreciation for your visit to this portal. We welcome your comments and views to improve our services towards realising the vision of the National Archives of Malaysia, which is  "To be the pre-eminent National Centre for Archives and Research".

Enjoy surfing the portal and exploring the national heritage treasury.

Azemi Bin Abdul Aziz
Director General

National Archives of Malaysia