Dato’ Abdul Ghani Minhat Dato’ Abdul Ghani Minhat

Dato' Abdul Ghani Minhat

    This 'Football King' was born on 23 December 1935 in Rantau, Negeri Sembilan. Dato' Abdul Ghani was active in football since 1954, by joining the Selangor Rangers and the Police Depot Club. In 1957 he represented Malaysia in Pestabola Merdeka. The first game of Pestabola was held at Stadium Merdeka on the eve of the 31 August 1957 National Independence ceremony. As a cunning and skilful inside forward of the 1960s, his feats in front of the goal often struck fear in opponents. He was also able to exploit every opportunity.

   An unforgettable event that could not possibly be erased from the minds of all football fans was when he and his teammates successfully retained Merdeka Cup during the first anniversary of Merdeka Cup Competition in 1959. When the game drew to a close, he made a beautiful corner kick to be headed in by Arthur Koh for the winning goal, beating Hong Kong 2-1. In 1962, Dato 'Abdul Ghani was offered by Cardiff City, an English League team,  position of a professional player, but he refused, and instead toured England and Europe for four months.

   During his tenure as a national football player, he attended FIFA Coaching Courses and obtained a Coaching certificate recognised by the prestigious football body. He was the national coach from 1971 to 1976. He is currently coaching at club level as well as managing his business, Sistem Letronik Maju Sdn. Bhd.To commemorate his contributions in national sports, he was awarded the National Sportsman in 1959 and Ahli Mangku Negara (AMN) and Pingat Jasa Kebaktian (PJK) medals.