Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman Tan Sri Dato’ Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahman

  Tan Sri Abdul Aziz was born in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and received his education in Malaysia, Singapore, the United Kingdom (London) and the United States. He was a lawyer and a solicitor with 35 years of experience in public as well as private sector management. He began his career with the Federal Government during which he served for 15 years. In the first seven years he worked as an Administrative Officer and the rest of the tenure in the judicial and legal fields. This former Magistrate, Sessions Court President, Federal Advisor and Parliament Bills Drafting Assistant retired from the government service as Federal Advisor and MAGERAN (National Operations Council) Legal Officer during the 1969 Emergency.

 Tan Sri Aziz was among the first to join Malaysia Airlines during its establishment in 1971 where he became the Secretary and Director of Legal Affairs. After 20 years of service, he retired as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer at the end of 1991, a post he held for 10 years. During his service, Tan Sri Aziz brought substantial changes and progress to the Malaysia Airlines.

His excellence in the service qualified him to receive awards including Manager of the Year Award (1984) from the Harvard Business School Alumni, Aviation Personality (1989) from Aviation Week, New York and Transport Personality (1989) from Straits Shipper besides many national awards. Tan Sri Aziz was often invited to present papers at local as well as international seminars and conferences relating to aviation, aviation systems, management and tourism

Tan Sri Aziz was also a fellow at several institutes and was a board member of directors of public and private sector companies, both locally and internationally. Apart from these, he was also involved in voluntary bodies such as Malaysia Institute of Management where he became the Vice President, the President of Malaysian United States Universities Alumni Association and President of Bukit Damansara Residents Association. Tan Sri Aziz has a keen interest in writing particularly in management and he wrote a book ‘Management Philosophy and Techniques' published in 1992

Tokoh Majlis Pengkisahan Sejarah 58 Tahun Malaysia Airlines
29 September 2005
Arkib Negara Malaysia