Dato’ Aripin Said Dato’ Aripin Said

  Dato' Aripin Said was born on 11 December 1948 at in Kampung Batu Bor, Bera, Temerloh, Pahang Darul Makmur. He received his early education at Sekolah Kebangsaan Bohor and Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuala Bera. Later, he went to Sekolah Menengah Abu Bakar in Temerloh. Dato' Aripin Said then joined Teachers' College in Kuantan.

  Upon completion of teacher training, Dato' Aripin Said was posted to several schools in Terengganu and Pahang. In 1976/1977 he took up a course on Creative Writing at Universiti Sains Malaysia, after completion of which, he returned to serve as a teacher at several schools in Pahang until he was appointed of a school Principal in Triang, Pahang.

  Between 1983-1986, Dato' Aripin Said did his further studies at Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra Malaysia) and was awarded Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) in Language (Linguistic), Literature and Education. Having earned his first degree, Dato' Aripin Said continued his studies for a Masters of Arts (M.A.) at the Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and a Masters in Education at the Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra Malaysia). Despite his academic workload, Dato' Aripin Said managed to get actively engaged in activities relating to literature and culture. He also conducted research on traditional cultures both locally and abroad. He is among prolific writers who write novels and anthologies. His works include over 20 novel titles, short story anthologies, poetries and Malay folk tales. Among his published works include a novel ‘Menongkah Gelombang' (Pustaka Mastika 1989, KL), a short story anthology ‘Sebuah Warung di Tengah Kota' (Pustaka Mastika 1989, KL), a Local Folk Tale Anthology ‘Awang Sabdu dan Tok Guru', ‘Racik Raja Putera', ‘Cerita Awang Miskin', ‘Tukang Canai Batu Permata' and his solo poem anthology ‘Pemain Rebana'(Azam Publisher 1990, KL).

Apart from creative writing, Dato' Aripin Said has also been actively involved in associations including writers associations. Among them are as follows:

  1. 1. Member, Board of Directors, Pahang State Museum
    2. Member, Malaysian Linguistic Association
    3. GAPENA Activist
    4. Member, Malaysia Malay Scholars Association
    5. Member, Malaysia History Association, Pahang Branch
    6. Member, Board of Directors of Pahang Art Centre
    7. Member, UPM Cultural Matters Committee and others.

  As a prolific writer, Dato' Aripin Said has won many writing competitions organised by local bodies including Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Prime Minister's Department and others. In Folk Literature, apart from writing local folk tales, he is the one and only singer of local folk songs and who has been frequently invited to perform locally and abroad. Local Pahang folk songs including ‘Indung-Indung' and ‘Tebang Tebu' are among the songs he he normally sings during his show.
Personage of Local Folk Literature Documentation Series,
25 January 1990,
at the National Archives of Malaysia