Dato’ J. J. Raj Dato’ J. J. Raj

Dato' J. J. Raj was born in 1923 in the district of Chemor, Perak. He received his primary education in Ipoh and later pursued his studies at secondary level in Penang.

He joined the Police Training School in 1947 as a trainee. He became an Inspector a year later to serve the nation. It was also during this time that the emergency was declared nationwide. The youth from the force were highly in demand to be the main bastion of the national security. In preparation to face the Emergency, Dato' Raj had been posted to Tanjung Rambutan as a trainer to train the police force in Jungle Fighting.

In 1949 Dato' Raj was transferred to Johor as the OCPD (Officer In Charge of Police District) for a few districts; Pagoh, Muar and Tangkak. It was during his tenure as OCPD in Pagoh when a group of communist attacked Bukit Kepong Police Station and the experience left a deep impression on him.

The experiences gained during the Emergency will always be cherished and be a guide not only for himself but also for all Malaysians.

Dato' Raj then pursued his studies in policing at the British Police College, Bramshill in 1954. And in 1966, he joined the British Armed Forces Joint Service Staff College, Latimer United Kingdom.

As soon as he returned to Malaysia, he served for a few states in Peninsula Malaysia. Among others, he was appointed as the Selangor Chief Police Officer and in 1963, Dato' Raj was selected to head the Royal Malaysian Police College and later appointed as the Managing Director, responsible for 75,000 members and staff in the police service.

This was his last position before retiring from the police service in 1977.

In 1967, Dato' Raj was tasked to prepare a confidential report on the appointment of the Sarawak Police Commissioner. This report aimed at changing the policy practised by the British, whereby the appointment to the Sarawak Police Commissioner is only given to a Sarawak citizen after 15 years. As a result of the study and recommendation by Dato' Raj, the government agreed to appoint a Sarawak citizen as the Police Commissioner only after three years.

At the international level, Dato' Raj had represented the country to a seminar on ‘Human Rights in a Multi National Society'. He was also appointed as the chairman during the seminar.

In the sports arena, Dato' Raj was the Secretary General of the National Shooting Association. In addition, he also held the same position in the South East Asia Shooting Association. He led the national shooting contingent to the Asian Games in Seoul in 1986 and 1990, the XIV Sea Games in Jakarta in 1987, 1990, the South East Asian Shooting Championship in Jakarta in 1990 and 1991 as well as the Olympics Games in Barcelona in 1992.

Dato' Raj is currently the Director General of the Malaysian Institute of Directors. In addition, he is also actively involved in the Malaysian Red Crescent Association, Malaysian Leprosy Relief Association and several other voluntary associations. He is also the Executive Chairman of Guardian Mercantile Agency (M) Sdn. Bhd.

The contribution by the security force will always be remembered. As for  Dato' Raj, his contributions will never be forgotten. He has been conferred the Panglima Negara Bintang Sarawak award in 1981, bearing the title Dato', S.M.S. Selangor in 1975, J.M.N.  in  1974, K.M.N. in 1967 and several other awards, commemorating his contributions throughout his service.

As a conclusion, a quote from Dato' J.J. Raj (Jr)

" old policeman never fade away,
 they simply rebounce back" 

Historical Narration Series – Emergency 1948-1960
2 September 1993
The National Archives of Malaysia.