Dato’ L. Krishnan Dato’ L. Krishnan

Dato' L. Krishnan was born in Madras, India on 21 October 1922. He was raised in Penang and received his education up to the level of Senior Cambridge in 1941 in Bukit Mertajam High School.

 He used to work at Raffles Hotel and Aldephi hotels in Singapore until the Japanese occupation. He was once the Japanese translator, and joined the Indian National Army up to the rank of Second Lieutenant. In 1946, he was sent to Madras by the British army. In 1947, he worked as an Assistant Film Director at Kalairani Film in Madras. He then returned to Singapore in October 1949 and became a film director in Shaw Studios.

Dato ' L. Khishnan became acquainted to P. Ramlee in 1949 at Malay Film Productions, JalanAmpas, Singapore. Among his directed films starring P. Ramlee are Bakti(1950), TakdirIlahi (1950), Penghidupan (1951) and Antara Senyum dan Tangis (1952).

 His cinematography experiences in Shaw Brothers, Cathay Keris Studio and Studio Merdeka are very extensive. Dato L. Khishnan has been active in the film industry for more than 45 years and was rewarded the Anugerah P. Ramlee in the 12th Malaysia Festival in 1995 and Galeri Sinema Melayu Award (Pioneer in the Malay Film Industry) in 1996.

History of Tan Sri P. Ramlee Narration Ceremony
13 June 2000
Tunku Abdul RahmanMemorial.