Rulers Council: Patron and Royal Institution Symbol of Sovereignty Rulers Council: Patron and Royal Institution Symbol of Sovereignty

The Council of Rulers had their 220th conference from 10 to 11 February, 2010. We, the rakyat, may have overlooked the importance of the Rulers' Conference. Whether we realise it or otherwise not, the figure 220 bears a profound meaning to us the Malaysian citizens on how important it is for the Council of Rulers to meet, normally thrice annually. Its importance and impact on each of us who are under the auspices of the Constitutional Monarchy principle, should be appreciated by all so that we understand the tacit meanings of one of the principles of Rukun Negara, which is our Loyalty to King and Country.

We begin with a retrospect on the commencement measures and the reason for the existence of the Rulers' Conference. Despite the polemic on how it originated, the one thing that is important to us all is that, it was this Conference which became the curtain-raiser of consensus among all the Malay Rulers who held the trust of the Malays with the intention to unite and protect the latter's rights and sovereignty. The Rulers even spoke about this to the British at that time. The date 13 July, 1897, was the date of the first conference involving only the Rulers of the Federated Malay States known as the Council of Malay Rulers. This conference was held at the State Palace, Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Despite the fact that the Council of Malay Rulers was then known as 'Durbar', which derived from an Urdu-Persian word ‘Darbar' which means the king's palace, the word however also means a general meeting or conference held by the rulers of the states, or the Governor or the Viceroy of British in India. Whatsoever, the objective and the outcome resulting from the Durbar subsequently led to the establishment of our country, Malaysia.

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