Archives Management Division Archives Management Division


The Archives Management Division is responsible for implementing the following functions:

  • Building the collection of archive materials comprising audio visual and private archives;
  • Accessioning the receiving of archival materials by registering in Computer Archival System (COMPASS), as well as in Archival Management System (AMS);
  • Preserving audio visual archive materials by implementing specialized storage management for audio-visual materials, and also implementing active preservation for digital records by using AMS;
  • Preserving physical archive materials with various restoration methods and techniques; and
  • Provide referral and access services for audio visual archive materials, and digital archive materials which preserved in AMS.
The functions is carried out by four (4) sections, The Audio Visual Archives SectionAcquisition of Private Archive SectionDigital Archives Section and Conservation And Reprography SectionTo perform this function, the Division has a skilled and semi-skilled workforce comprising of 17 Management and Professionals and 52 Support staffs.


The objectives of this Division is to increase the number of historical dan national materials from official sources (audio visual) and private material in the custodian of National Archives so as to be preserved for future reference. Additionally, to ensure archive material which in our custody are preserved and can last long to allow it to be referred to at anytime. Ensuring audio visual and digital records are easily referred to through modern technology.