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Government Record Management


This document aims to provide vague guidelines for the storage and preservation of electronic records or data in the public sector. It is intended to provide clarification on matters relating to the evaluation, separation, storage, transfer, maintenance and safety records or electronic data in government departments. These guidelines addressed to the Official Records of the Department, the Heads of Information Technology, Information Systems Officer and other officers performing the duties of records management and electronic data in their respective department.


  • Just as in the form of paper records, electronic records are produced or information created, received or stored by electronic facility official. Thus the electronic records are also subject to the interpretation of the Public Records in the National Archives Act 2003. Electronic records include correspondence, official documents produced by the use of Microsoft Office such as word processing, spreadsheet, graphics, presentations, e-mails and information in the form of data from the database.
  • Record or electronic data that is still active in the action still needs to be taken on it, can be stored in the Department to act on it is completed and when the department does not need it anymore, the Department must send the records or data that are inactive and archival value (archival values) to the National Archives countries in the format and procedures established by the National Archives.
  •  National Archives should be consulted first before any destruction of any records or electronic data.


The guidelines cover such matters as the following: