Dato' P.G. Lim Dato' P.G. Lim

Tan Sri P.G. Lim or Lim Phaik Gan was born on 29 June 1918 in London, England. Nevertheless, she was brought up in Penang and received her education (preliminary) at the Convent School, Penang. After completing her studies there, she had the opportunity to further her studies at the Girton College England and Cambridge University until she received her Master's Degree in Law. In her enthusiasm to gain a more meaningful achievement, she successfully obtained a Barrister-at-law from Lincoln's Inn, England.

Upon her return in 1949, she served as an Advocate and Solicitor until 1971. In 1971, she was appointed as the Ambassador and the Malaysian Permanent Deputy Representative to the United Nations and subsequently as the Ambassador of the Malaysian Government to Yugoslavia and Australia between 1973 and 1977. During this period, she was also appointed as the permanent representative to the UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organisation) and permanent representative to IAER (International Atomic Energy Agency) and served as the Vice President of the United Nations "Economic and Social Council," and Chairperson of the Social Committee for Economic and Social Council (1971-1972). Between 1977 and 1979, she was appointed as the Ambassador of Malaysia in Belgium and to the Association of European Economic Community (EEC). After 10 years of being abroad, she returned home in 1980 and two years later she was appointed as the Director of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KLRCA). She held this position for 18 years until February 2000.

  In addition to her career, Tan Sri Lim Phaik Gan was also actively involved in the fields of social and recreation and held several key positions such as: -

1.Deputy / Acting Chairperson of the Board of Trustees for the National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur (1963-1971)
2.Malaysian Legislative Council Secretary (1955-1956)
3.Member and representative of the Cambridge Women's Fencing Club
4.Committee member of the National Consultative Council
5.Member of the Royal Commission on Reform of Marriage and Divorce Laws (1970)
6. Member of the Mediation Commission on Wage Structure between MPIEA and NUPW (1964)

While being the Secretary of the Legislative Council of Malaysia, she represented the Council to the Commonwealth Conference held in Sydney, Australia in 1965.She was also invited to the "International Commission of Jurists" seminar in Papua New Guinea (1965) and Sri Lanka (1966). In addition, she was often invited to conferences organised by the United Nations in New York, USA.

Tan Sri Lim Phaik Gan was awarded the "Red Bag" in 1964 by Rt.Hon Sir Dingle Foot, QC, the former "Solicitor-General" in Britain for her contribution in assisting Sir Dingle to establish the Railwaymen's Union of Malaya in her effort to obtain recognition as a Government Officer. Her service and contribution to the nation is never forgotten. This is evident by the conferment of the Tun Fatimah Gold Medal award by the National Council of Women's Organisations Malaysia on 25 August 1982. She was also awarded the Darjah Yang Maha Mulia Mangku Negeri (DMPN) by the Yang Dipertua Negeri Pulau Pinang in July 1997, which carries the title 'Dato', and was conferred Darjah Kebesaran Panglima Setia Mahkota by His Majesty Yang DiPertuan Agong Tuanku Mizan in Jun 2011 which carries the title of ‘Tan Sri'.

Historical Narration Series Personage - Women In The History of Malaysia
4 October 1986
National Archives of Malaysia