Second Midnight Hour In Selangor Golf Club Second Midnight Hour In Selangor Golf Club

On the eve of 31 August 1957, the Selangor Club Field was swarmed by thousands of people from all across the country to witness a historical moment. At 11:58 pm, a car carrying Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra, accompanied by a convoy of 30 motorcycles ridden by Pemuda Perikatan arrived at the field. The light in the area was turned off but turned on again at exactly 12 am. Simultaneously, the Union Jack was lowered as a symbol of the end of British rule in Malaya and was replaced with the Federation of Malaya flag. This flag was raised by Encik Abdul Majid Tahir accompanied by the national anthem 'Negaraku' sung for the first time, which was ensued by seven cries of "Merdeka".


Lowering of the Union Jack flag in at the Selangor Club Field on 30 August 1957.