Encik Aloysius Chin Encik Aloysius Chin

Encik Aloysius Chin, a native of Kuala Lumpur was born on 13 October 1927. He received his primary and secondary education at the St. John School but had to quit studies during the Japanese Occupation of Tanah Melayu in 1941. After the war, he joined the police force in February 1946, when he was 19 years old.

  Upon completion of the training in 1950, Aloysius Chin was appointed as a police inspector and was posted to Kota Tinggi, Johor in the ‘Jungle Squad' which consisted of 10 members. During this time, he and his team had to confront the communist terrorists despite being far outnumbered. Apart from monitoring Kota Tinggi, he also had to be on the look-out for and combat the communists to as far as Kulai and Pengerang. Throughout his 38 years of service with the Malaysian Royal Police Force, he was posted to various branches and at all levels, namely district, state or headquarters. Within the 30 years of his service, his duty revolved around the Special Branch unit tasked to survey and fight the viciousness and communist activities in Malaya / Malaysia.

 As the Head of Special Branch of Kedah/Perlis from January 1970e until December 1971, Aloysius Chin was not only given the responsibility to oversee Special Branch officers and staff, at the South of Thailand and the Regional Border Committee Office in Songkhla, but he also acted as ‘Co-ordinated Intelligence' in gathering information relating to Malaya Communist Party activities and the Malayan National Liberation Army at the South of Thailand and also the northern states of the Peninsula. Besides, he was close contact with various Thai security investigation agencies in combating violent activities caused by the Malaya Communist Party or PKM.

In 1982, he retired, Since his contribution was still much needed by the country, however, in 1983 he was reappointed under a 2-year contract to the Special Branch (Operations) unit as the Deputy Director holding the status of Senior Assistant Commissioner of Police 1 SACI.

Upon his retirement in 1985, Encik Chin joined Aman Security Services - Investigators and Consultant Sdn. Bhd, a security company as the General Manager. He is married to Puan Emily Ah and they were blessed with 8 children.

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18 November 1992
at the National Archives of Malaysia