Encik Chen Voon Fee Encik Chen Voon Fee

Chen Voon Fee received his education at the School of Architecture, the University of Manchester in the years 1952-1954, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London (1954-1957), A.A. Diploma (1957), A.R.I.B.A (1959) and P.A.M 1967.

He established a private partnership firm from 1960 to 1970 and sole proprietorship from 1982. Projects built during his time in the private partnership firm were Dewan Persidangan Singapura/Trade Union Congress (1961-1963), State Mosque, Negeri Sembilan (1963-1967), Kelab Malaya (1966-1968), additional buildings for the Faculty of Literature, Universiti Malaya (1969-1971) and Universiti Sains Malaysia main hall, library and lecture hall, Penang (1972-1978).

He was also one of the co-founders of the Malaysian conservationist group, the National Heritage Trust in 1982, Council Member and Deputy President until 1995.

In addition, he was also involved in ensuring the preservation and renovation of buildings such as Central Market (Pasar Budaya) (1985-1986) and Central Square Kuala Lumpur (1987 – 1989) together with William Lim Associates and won PAM Award for Commercial Buildings in 1991, National Art Gallery (1987 – 1988) and won PAM Award for Conservation & Adaptive Reuse in 1991, renovated the Anglo-Oriental building into Mahkota College (now known as EKRAN) in the year 1986 – 1988 and Bamboo House, Kuala Lumpur which also won PAM Jurors' Award for Conservation in 1995.

He was also an architecture consultant for the National Museum and Selangor State Museum in its conservation project in the 1990s.

In addition, he was also a lecturer in the Department of Architecture & Building Science, University of Strathclyde (1971 – 1972), Faculty of Environmental Development, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, external tutor and examiner in the 1970 – 1980s.

 He was also the editor of Encyclopaedia of Malaysia, author of the book Kuala Lumpur – A sketchbook, Penang Sketchbook and Landmarks of Selangor which were painted using water colour by the artist Chin Kon Yit.

Narrative History on Central Market Event
21 March 2006
National Archives of Malaysia