Haji Ariffin Bin Ibrahim Haji Ariffin Bin Ibrahim

 Haji Ariffin bin Ibrahim was born on 10 October 1926 at in Bukit Koman, Raub, Pahang. He received his early education at Sekolah Melayu Raub until Standard Six. He had to quit his studies when the Japanese invaded and conquered Tanah Melayu.

  He once was made a forced labour to build railway track from Siam (Thailand) to Burma for more than two years before he was sent home for skin disease. After medication and recovery, Haji Ariffin joined the voluntary team (Giyutai) upon completion of a three months training. He then became a voluntary soldier (Giyugun) after a six month training in Ipoh. Upon passing the selection test, Haji Ariffin was posted to the wireless section at Rantau Panjang, Singapore.

  When the Japanese lost in the World War II, Haji Ariffin returned to Raub and worked with Raub Australian Gold Mining (RAGM). During Emergency, he served as a Special Constabulary for five years. He later took up a motor mechanic course for six months in Penang.

  Haji Ariffin later served the National Electrical Board as a skilled labourer in 1954 until he retired in 1981 as an Officer In Charge in Bentong, Pahang.

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