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             The National Archives of Malaysia as the keeper of the national heritage constantly puts in the best endeavour to document our national history for the gaze and lessons by the current and future generations. The documentation of the national history and heritage does not depend only on available written documents but also from narration   by personages who either experienced the events themselves or had the experience in conducting researches relating to the national historical heritage. The narration of these experiences complements those that may not be found in currently available documents.

           The Laman Kenali Tokoh (Know the Personages) page is initiated to display a profile of eminent figures who shared their experience orally for the gaze of the current and future generations. The personages portrayed are those whose experience has been recorded by the National Archives of Malaysia under a topic for a programme which consists of the Pengkisahan Sejarah (Narration of History), Bicara (Talk), Wacana (Discourse) and others. The experience which they had either through life experience or through research on the national historical heritage is collected and documented to add and complement the archive's collection of materials.

          The process of historical documentation through narrations began in the 1980s during which period, eminent national figures were invited to share their experience before an audience. It was through such programmes also that the National Archives of Malaysia endeared itself closer to the community who might not be well aware of the role of the department before. The topics highlighted by the National Archives of Malaysia in the documentation process are varied, encompassing aspects relating to history and national heritage in the social, political and economic perspectives.

          It is the hope of the National Archives of Malaysia   that what is displayed on the web page   can be used as reference particularly by the younger generation and the Malaysian public in general in getting to know the personages who have contributed greatly in the completion of the documentation process of the nation's history and heritage.  There may be many more personages who are yet to have their experience recorded by the National Archives of Malaysia and the department hopes that the web page will connect the archive with the society to provide an opportunity for them to know and understand the role of the National Archives of Malaysia. In addition, the Know the Personage page is hoped to be a platform in information sharing to produce a knowledgeable generation who will be able to contribute in realising the ‘1Malaysia' vision aspired by the government.

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