M.H.Ali Bin H.A.Latiff (Bat Latiff) M.H.Ali Bin H.A.Latiff (Bat Latiff)

Tokoh Majlis Pengkisahan Sejarah Semasa Era Filem Tan Sri P. Ramlee

M.H. Ali bin H.A. Latiff, also known as Bat Latiff, was born on 10 June 1951 in Changi, Singapore. He grew up in Singapore and completed his primary and secondary school education until GEO Level and Senior Cambridge. His inborn acting talent was inherited from his mother and aunt who was also the famous actress Sa'adiah.

Bat Latiff began acting in 1959 and was also involved in stage-plays from 1960-1961 in Singapore. Among the films are Batu Belah Batu Bertangkup (1959), Lela Manja (1960), Nujum Pa' Belalang (1960), Singapura Dilanggar Todak (1961), Sri Tanjong (1961), Si Tanggang (1962), Gerhana (1962) and Mambang Moden (1963).

Bat Latiff had acted in two films directed by P. Ramlee which were Nujum Pa' Belalang and Musang Berjanggut (minor role). Prior to that, he had already acted in the film Lela Manja directed by Jamil Sulong. He has also acted under the direction of Omar Rojik, Dhiresh Ghosh, Nordin Ahmad and M. Amin.

A Historical Narration on a Famous Personage –during the times of Tan Sri P. Ramlee Film Era
13 June, 2000