Masjid Abidin, Terengganu Masjid Abidin, Terengganu


        Masjid Abidin (Abidin Mosque) is one of the oldest mosques in Terengganu. Situated at the centre of Kuala Terengganu city, it was formerly known as Masjid Besar or Masjid Puteh. The mosque was originally a wooden palace built by Almarhum Sultan Zainal Abidin II. The mosque was renovated and enlarged in 1319 Hijri / 1901 A.D. during the reign of Almarhum Sultan Zainal Abidin III. The wooden building was replaced with brick building during the reign of Almarhum Baginda Sultan Umar. In 1972, the mosque was again renovated with another main minaret built similar to the one of Masjid Negara (National Mosque).

(Source: Documentation Section,  National Archives of Malaysia