Masjid Ubudiah Masjid Ubudiah

The Ubudiah Mosque which is located in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, is one of the most beautiful mosques in its time and even now. The mosque was built by the decree of Sultan Idris Mursyidul Azam Shah, the 28th Sultan of Perak, to fulfil his vow.

The mosque with `Saracenic' (Islamic-Indian) architecture influence was designed by A.B. Hubback, a government architect. The construction work had been placed under the supervision of Caufield, the Perak State Chief Engineer. On 26 September 1913, the foundation stone laying ceremony for the mosque took place. Sultan Idris officiated the ceremony, which was also attended by Sir Arthur Young, the High Commissioner of the Federated Malay States, and other dignitaries.

This mosque is octagonal in shape, with an overall size is of 96 feet in diameter, while the actual mosque covers an area of 60 feet. The mihrab (prayer niche) position of this mosque is located in the northwest, while in the north-east there is a water tank and fountain for ablution. This area is also octagonal in shape with a diameter of 30 feet. In addition to this, in the south-east and south-west section of the mosque there is a portico that spreads across a 27 square foot area. The entire mosque is surrounded by a decorated 35 foot wall from the central building with two entrances and gates. Due to its I Indo-Islamic architectural design influence, there are many domes, minarets and arches. The construction of this mosque was built entirely out of concrete bricks.

The interior of the mosque is covered with a dome that is 60 feet in diameter, 140 feet high and surrounded by 4 minarets that are 126 feet tall. It is also equipped with staircase to facilitate use. In addition, there are two domes mounted on the outside external portico, bathroom and mihrab with small minarets in every two corners of this octagonal mosque. In addition, there is also a marble staircase between the bathroom and the main building of the mosque to connect the minarets. The floor is built 4 feet above ground with marble staircases around it.

To beautify the mosque, marbles imported from Italy were used. The mosque interior floor, portico, bathroom and staircases are of white marble with black marble as the border. Red marble is used on the exterior portico, staircase and bathrooms. However, its construction was once delayed for quite some time owing to the late arrival of marbles imported from Italy due to World War I.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful mosque in Perak was completed and officially opened in 1917 by Sultan Abdul Jalil Nasaruddin Shah, a year after the demise of Sultan Idris. The cost of construction of this mosque was $24,000. Besides being a landmark for Kuala Kangsar, Ubudiah Mosque is also the umbrella of faith for Bukit Chandan and its community.