Records Disposal Guidelines Records Disposal Guidelines

Consistent to Section 25, 26 and 27 of the National Archive Act 2003, the National Archive is responsible for the monitoring, planning and implement record disposal programs in ministries, departments and public agencies. With regards to this matter Record Disposal means the management methods used in separating records for the purpose of destroying, transfer or others. It covers all record types and formats including electronic records.

Groups of records that can be disposed off are as follows:

  • Actions of Public records that are completed
  • Reached the storage period as set in the Record Disposal Schedule
  • The physical state of the record does not permit its preservation
  1. Application for Disposal of Public Records Without Schedule
    • Ministries/Departments/Government Agencies are required to separate records that are not active and action completed according to the order categories, series, year and number sequence.
    • o Records that are confirmed to be disposed must be listed in the Application Form Record Disposal as follows according to types of record:-

    • Subject   Version
       Archive Form 3/08 : Application for Destruction of Electronic Records PDF       Doc
       Archive Form 5/08 :
       Application Form for Disposal of files (not specified in the Records Disposal Schedule)
      PDF      Doc
       Archive Form 6/08 :
       Application Form for Disposal of Cartographic Records (not specified in the Records Disposal Schedule)
      PDF     Doc
       Archive Form 7/08 :
       Application Form for Disposal of Architectural Records (Not Stated In the Records Disposal Schedule)
      PDF     Doc
       Archive Form 8/08 :
       Application Form for Disposal of Audio Visual Records (not specified in the Records Disposal Schedule)
      PDF     Doc

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