Pejabat Kerajaan Kuala Lipis, Pahang Pejabat Kerajaan Kuala Lipis, Pahang

The town of Kuala Lipis is one the towns which had its name recorded in the Pahang state annals, among others being the earliest administrative centre of Pahang state before it was later relocated to Kuantan.

As of 1898, Kuala Lipis was made the capital of Pahang to replace Pekan. Being the capital and administrative centre of Pahang state, Kuala Lipis underwent rapid development. A number of administrative buildings, such as the Administration Building, Residency Building and District Court were built there. The District Office Building, which was once known as the Administration Building majestically reigns atop a hill in Kuala Lipis town with its unique architecture.

The main Administration Building and the Government Office Complex adjacent to it were constructed in two phases. The first phase involved the construction of the administration building which was completed in 1919. This two-storey building became the main administrative centre of Pahang then with the offices of the British Resident and the state administrative officers located on the upper floor. The ground floor meanwhile was used as offices for state revenue collection and Government treasury.

The second phase of the construction of the Government Office Complex as an extension to the original building was fully completed in 1926. The building housed the Kuala Lipis District Court and a British commercial bank, the Mercantile Bank at the time.

Due to its position as the largest district in Pahang then, including the present Jerantut area, it was apt for Kuala Lipis to have a complete office complex for administrative purposes. The fact that Pahang then enjoyed rapid economic growth from its rich natural resources, such as iron ore, gold, forest products and rubber further explained this need.

In 1952, while the country was well towards achieving its independence era, a post of Menteri Besar as the State Chief Administrator was created by the Pahang state administration. The offices of the Menteri Besar and State Secretary were also placed in this building. Among the personages that once served there was the late Tun Abdul Razak bin Dato' Hussein, the Orang Kaya Shahbandar of Pahang state who became the State Secretary in 1952.

On 27 August 1955, the state capital of Pahang was once again relocated to Kuantan. Subsequently, the building was made the Kuala Lipis District Office to date. Presently, the administration building remains imposing despite the long test of time with its sturdy and unique architecture conserved as a heritage of the past.