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Record Management Consultancy Service is one of the services offered by the National Archive Department in order to provide expert consultation services with regards to integrated record management that include components:-

  • Handling of letter correspondences
  • Classification schemes
  • File keeping and preservation
  • Preparation of Disposal Record Schedule
  • Disposal records

This Record Management Consultancy Service is offered to Ministries, Federal/State Departments, Local Governments, Corporations and Government Enterprises (GLC) to enable them to prepare and implement record management policies, procedures, manuals and standards.

Services offered:
Record Management Consultancy Service at the National Archive [download application form]
Record Management Consultancy Service at Department. [download application form]
Briefing on Record Management [download application form]

Government organizations wishing to request for the above record management consultancy service can submit their applications to the Training and Consultancy Section, National Archive of Malaysia

Objectives of Record Management Consultancy Service

  • Ensure that knowledge, understanding and skills are imparted to government ministries/ departments/ agencies to enable departments implement record management programs and activities consistent to the fixed laws, procedures and standards.
  • Ensure that government records and information are well managed and utilized as catalyst for improvement to services delivery systems as well as the basis for accountability and integrity of government services.