Message From The Director General Message From The Director General

En. Azemi Bin Abdul Aziz


Assalamualaikum w.b.t, warm greetings and Salam 1Malaysia.

Welcome to the official portal of the National Archives of Malaysia (ANM) which now has a brand new look. The new design is simple, yet concise in facilitating the search for the required information.

ANM, as an agency that serves as a repository of data, information and government records is responsible for the collection, preservation and preparation of public records in various types and forms as references for researchers as well as the public. In line with the development and surroundings of current technological advancements as well as the Government Transformation Policy, ANM is hereby determined to foster widespread awareness among the people in all aspects thus generating the formation of excellent human capital through the dissemination of information regardless of the boundaries of time and place.   

Through this portal, it is hoped that this will become one of the country’s sharing platforms on historical information safekept at ANM for public viewing. In meeting the needs of the community on a broader and rapid context, ANM is currently carrying out the digitalisation of materials available in the collection of the Department to enable direct online access of these materials as well as preserving the original material for the viewing of future generations.

The content of this portal will be regularly updated from time to time in order to serve as an informative portal that will be able to stimulate the minds of all. It is hoped that this virtual sharing of information will in return lead to not only a knowledgeable society but also savvy in the history of one’s country. History needs to be mutually appreciated in order for Malaysians to unite under the banner of the 1Malaysia.

My thanks go out to those visiting this portal. I truly hope that this portal will be beneficial to all. ANM welcomes any comments and views in improving its services towards realising the vision of the National Archives of Malaysia in Becoming the Centre of National Archives and Research of Excellence.

Hope you have a great time surfing this portal in unraveling our country’s history.

Datuk Azemi Bin Abdul Aziz
Director General
National Archives of Malaysia