Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan

Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan

A Historical Narrative Ceremony and Exhibition on a Famous Personality "Sudirman - Asia's No. 1 Entertainer"

Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan

   Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan was born on 28 August 1949. She received her education until SC/MCE level. After completing her studies, she began her involvement in writing screenplays, TV and radio since 1967. In 1969 she became a part-time writer at Radio Televisyen Singapura before moving on to Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) as a Broadcast Assistant in 1973. In 1974-1980 she served as a Drama Producer and was promoted to Chief Producer in 1980-1982. In 1983 she was appointed as a Script Editor for a year before migrating to private companies.

   She joined Amir Communications Sdn. Bhd. as the Executive Director. The company was engaged in film and video production activities which were also involved in the production of ALI SETAN film where she herself acted as the Script Editor / Production Manager. In February 1986, Puan Hajah Habsah Hassan, or better known as Kak Chah had opened her own company known as Serangkai Films Sdn. Bhd which engages in the business of film and video production. In 1989, the company had produced its first movie entitled HATI BUKAN KRISTAL. In this movie, Kak Chah herself played a role as the screenplay writer.

   Besides being active in music and film script writing initiatives besides film production, Kak Chah continues to strive towards improving her inner strength and knowledge by attending various courses or seminars especially those related to the world of art. In June 1979 she attended the ASEAN CULTURE SEMINAR in Jakarta. She also participated in the FILM & TV PRODUCTION SEMINAR, which was handled by FINAS in July 1984. In February 1985 she joined a programme organised by the American Salesmaster Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. which was the CORPORATE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME. Apart from this, in order to further develop her inner strength, Kak Chah also attended the KURSUS BINA NEGARA PERDANA course in October 1994.

  During Kak Chah's approximately 35 years of venturing into the world of local script writing and filming, she has earned numerous awards and recognition. During the initial stages of her involvement back in 1967, Kak Chah won a consolation prize in a drama script writing contest organised by the Malaysia Arts Theatre Group. Starting from then onwards, she began building her reputation and continued winning many competitions which she had participated in. In 1973 she won the second runners-up prize in a scriptwriting award organised by RTM. During 1976-1983, she was awarded the BEST DRAMA PRODUCTION three times from RTM. In 1984, she received the GOLD DISC award from the WEA Records Production. In addition, she was also awarded the BEST LYRICIST for the musical programme produced by TV3 in 1987-1988.

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