Centre Documenting and National Audiovisual Conservation Centre Documenting and National Audiovisual Conservation

National Archives of Malaysia was established on December 1, 1957 and continue to grow in line with the current developments. In 1982, the National Archives of Malaysia has its own building in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur, which is in an area of 15 acres. In 1999, additional buildings were established to accommodate the space requirements for storage of the growing archival collection.
The plan to establish a center that will handle the storage and preservation of audiovisual records and archives was sparked again in 1997. Prior to this, activities in the audiovisual records and archives management are focused on the acquisition and storage of materials from the government departments only.
Thus, the Cabinet through the Cabinet paper No. 410/2179/99 dated July 14, 1999 has approved the establishment of the Centre for Documentation and Conservation of the National Audiovisual (CDCNA). The establishment of these centres is to realize the aspirations of the National Archives of Malaysia to expand its role in the acquisition, processes, preservation of audiovisual materials to the private sector and individuals.
Buildings constructed by early 2008 is located next to the site at the National Archives of Malaysia in Jalan Duta, Kuala Lumpur in the area of 6:07 hectares and cost a total of RM 27 million.
In future, National Archives expect to make this building as a one stop centre and a centre to be proud off and steadfast in the Developing Countries.

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