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Chronology of Significant Events of Past 50 Years


1 Dis 1957 "Public Records Office" was established Tuan Haji Mubin Sheppard was appointed as the Keeper of Public Records.
1 Feb 1961 Began occupying the Federal Building in Petaling Jaya
Nov. 1962 Dr. F.R.J. Verhoeven, archival experts from UNESCO, replacing Tuan Haji Mubin Sheppard
1963 "Public Records Office" changed its name to the Department of National Archives
15 Feb 1966 Mr Alwi Jantan appointed as Director to replace Dr. F.R.J. Verhoeven
31 Ogos 1966 National Archives Act No. 44/1966 force
31 Ogos 1966
Law / Act enacted in 1966 the National Archives
A new division, established the National Library Service
5 Dis 1966 Business Records Center Building was inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Tun Abdul Razak
20 Julai 1967 National Archives Advisory Board consisting of five members is formed
11 Julai 1968 International Archives Council South East Asia Regional Office (SARBICA) established
National Archives of Malaysia was appointed as Chairman. General and the Secretary is in the National Archives
15 Julai 1968 First Meeting of the Advisory Board held
1969 List of National Archives of Acceptance (1957 -1967) A complete list of published records of the receipt for the first time in 10 years
1971 The office of the Director General and transferred to the department's name changed to the Department of National Archives and National Library
Mei 1972 The first branch office of the Southern Region Office is established in Johor Bahru
19 Feb 1973  Mr Saad Marzuki was appointed as Director General of National Archives
1 Julai 1976 Sarawak Branch Office established

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