The following are the questions frequently asked by the visitors to the Archive Portal. For any other questions please contact us at 03-6209066 or e-mail to us at webmaster@arkib.gov.my . You could also use our feedback system.


Frequently Asked Questions about Records Management in General

[+] What is Public Record?
[+] When is the record need to be existed?
[+] Why the record needs to be existed?
[+] Where do the records stored?
[+] What is it means by Records Administration?
[+] What is Records Demolition Schedule?
[+] When it is for any government ministry/department/agency needs to perform records demolition?
[+] What are the benefits of Records Administration?
[+] What is Record Room?
[+] What are the services provided by the National Archive?
[+] What are Archival Materials?


Frequently asked questions from the Consultation and Training Section

[+] Which section is responsible in Record Management and how to contact the section involved?
[+] What types of Record Management Consultation are offered by the National Archive of Malaysia?
[+] What is the way for a Government Agencies to apply for the Record Management Consultation at the Department?
[+] What is the way for a Government Department to implement the Appointment of Department Record Administrator (PRJ) / Assistant Department Record Administrator at the Department?