Vision, Mission & Objective National Archives Of Malaysia Vision, Mission & Objective National Archives Of Malaysia


Leading the Transformation of Records Management and Archives Administration as the National Research Centre of Excellenceby the year 2020


EmpoweringRecords Management in the public sector and Archives Administration through smart partnerships and efficient and effective utilization of information and communication Technologies in the interests of society and the country


  1. Improve efficiency and awareness of civil servants with regard to Record Management through the enforcement of the National Archives Act 2003 (Act 629) to ensure that records are managed in a systematic and cost-effective according to the standards set
  2. Acquiring archival material with eternal value, save and preservedin accordance with the principles and standards set as a reference and national heritage
  3. Communalizing archival materials through advocacy programs to enhance the appreciation of the history of the country towards the establishment of the identity of Malaysians